My Reseach into the Best Online Survey Sites

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The Best Online Survey Sites – My Experience

The best online survey sites, as many Internet fans know, are usually filled with interesting questions about products and services that are trending in some way. In fact, the reason why many people participate in online surveys is linked to making extra income. For instance, there are numerous websites that state how “you can really make money taking a survey at home.” While some sites offer cash for completing various surveys, there are other sites that offer prizes or ways to earn points that can be spent on products.

Another aspect of survey sites – that offer payment in dollars or for products or services – is linked to the massive number of computer users who have time on their hands. For example, the U.S. Census reports that conservative estimates point to more than 20 million Americans who are officially unemployed but work part-time online with such ventures as completing surveys of different types. Also, the selling point for online surveys that offer some sort of compensation is the need for manufacturers and companies that want to know what you are thinking about a product, a service or something as simple as your favorite TV show, movie or recording artist.

surveySurveys offer interesting work

Because some Internet fans spend a lot of time online, it is difficult to explain how a job that requires you to complete various surveys is work. However, the websites that feature hard cash for completing surveys like to remind their workers that the act of giving one’s opinion is real work because it takes time and effort. Also, there is a view from many people who enjoy doing surveys that its really fun work with benefits.

While the rewards of doing online reporting are many when you find a website that suits your schedule and needs, it does require some research to match one’s abilities with hours and hours that is required for survey reading and responding tasks. In brief, the job of being a paid survey panelist is very rewarding for some people and not so rewarding with others who do not have a lot of spare time on their hands. It is always about “time,” commented an online survey fan when sharing the good news about the survey site she works for on a part-time basis.

Making money taking surveys

The range of income that everyday online panelists make ranges between $100 and $600 a month, said a longtime survey taker when commenting online. The survey taker went on to explain that it took him many months of hard work to get to the point in this job to produce enough survey inputs each month to earn that kind of extra income. Still, he said the great thing about taking surveys is “just about anybody can do it with ease.”  It’s important to work with only the best online survey sites!

The people who get paid taking surveys say they earn between a few dollars to upwards of $25 to $50 per survey. The surveys featured online include:

  • General product surveys that start at $1
  • Try new products at home and keep them after reporting your views in various surveys about the products
  • Earn $25 and more for participating in online focus group surveys
  • Rate sweepstakes and products for prizes that are offered as compensation
  • Become a mystery shopper and complete surveys about products that could earn you between $5 and $30 per hour depending on the products and the time you spend shopping
  • In general, there are all types of surveys that offer good money or some other type of compensation with no cost to you.

best online survey sitesHaving fun completing surveys

Online product surveys may be highly expressive and colorful. The surveys are also open to just about anyone surfing the Internet who wishes to take time out of their day to rate a certain product or service for money or gift products and services. The survey takers often say it is a lot of fun because they are doing what they enjoy anyway. For example, there are a lot of parents who are at home moms and dads who view online survey taking as both fun and a simple way to earn extra cash. In turn, these stay at home parents explain that they do the surveys when they have spare time in between taking care of their kids or chores throughout their day.

Moreover, the various marketing research companies that develop these product surveys usually have the typical at home mom or dad in mind when they produce these surveys. Thus, it seems to make perfect sense that a survey aimed at family members would be a perfect part-time job for those same people that survey results are based upon. In fact, a mother who recently started working with the best online survey sites work to earn extra income for her family, commented online about the survey questions sounding a lot like what she was thinking anyway.

Overall, the mother said she enjoys taking surveys because it is easy, and it makes her feel good that she is contributing in some way to a products development.

Best Survey Sites Online Video

Here, in this video, I discuss how online surveys can actually make decent money part time in your pajamas on even from your laptop on the beach.  Just a quick video for you guys, enjoy!